Post 6: Fitting in

Walking enacts lines in space: composing by the placement of the body into the movement lines. If I stand between two trees, and look down the hill - or stand behind a bamboo pole and look up the hill… there is always a different view & sense of space to move into - forming a line of movement through the process of conception and action. It seems obvious, but the ground that is walked on is always assumed, but this is not a given when drawing. The page or ground is always a context that must be reconsidered and context is often half the meaning. We are always selecting and placing our bodies into spaces and assume or often take for granted non-human relationships as ‘background.’ But our bodies in space and time are always in relation to others, other beings, other overlooked facets of a day. From this emerges possible drawings to enact and build, or to let pass into another gesture. In this, my practice of drawing is always an approach or leaning toward what comes next: human bodies are always adjacent to other objects - in this sense, we measure space, trying to ‘fit in’.