Post 3: In Motion you Speak


Let me draw your marrow / morrow

       you can add to it

                I will give it to you


The window is open a crack

     bird call through a slip

in mo(u)rning

wings turned inside

out       but shared,

            mind & veins pulsing    working still...

hands wrapped in messiness - together & equal

I walk toward myself

It's not about the money



In motion you speak

The language that language is based on

In motion you draw yourself out…

In motion you see the things that others can not see

In motion you cannot

always see what your body knows.

In motion your hand leaves a print.

a trace

a touch, fused with sight

a pressure, a weight



Cowardice + FEAR + Obliviousness + Lack of Empathy + SILENCE = Treachery



No illusion

      leaning toward

what lies beneath