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  UNHCR Refugee Tent , 2015.  Enacted drawing from drawing workshop at Berea College. Enactment-drawings are neither performances nor dances, but movement drawings for a brief time.
  Border & Frame,  2015, Drawing workshop with students included discussion of assumed notions around ‘ frame ’ & ‘ border ’. How might expanded meanings around these words directly affect new methods of drawing in space with objects & body? Empathy for refugees was discussed. Floor movements were developed from these reconsidered word-prompts. In images seen here, participants collaborate & investigate through beginning traditionally on their page of notations, toward the process of drawing with body & objects for a later presentation: choreographic drawing toward drawing out the body through space.
 Exploring drawing together is tremendously exciting. Shared authorship of drawings in dialogue expands ways each person might best use drawing in their life.  The   process of directly drawing ones self out  is inherent to any final drawn result. Drawing is a strategy that investigates and problematizes thought in directly visual forms. These workshops advocate for overlooked tools that are readily available as drawing materials to expand spaces and ways to draw.
  Verb & Sound Drawings, 2014 , Participants collaborated and enacted each others drawings. Drawing tools included audio recorders with a discussion around directional lines of sound sent out into space through voice and objects. Audio record of sounds also considered as another form of drawing one’s self out. Workshops were programmed during  3 Strategies for Surprise , Creative Alliance.
  Draw/Slide , 2013, a re-enacted drawing prompt that emerged from a drawing workshop, 2013, from  3 Strategies of Surprise  at The Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
 Detail:  Draw the Page / Draw the Floor , 2013.  Workshop for  3 Strategies for Surprise , Creative Alliance
 workshop participant in  Draw the Page / Draw the Floor , 2013
 Collaborating to form a drawing on the floor with found & assembled materials from  3 Strategies for Surprise , Creative Alliance, 2013
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 Physical consideration of drawing may extend the body.
 A collective levitating drawing with rubber bands, boards & tension.
 Reframing Drawing / Collaborators discuss the screen as a drawing tool.
 Contextual prompts formed this enacted and site specific drawing.
 Altered context to include other forms, drawing with a sheet, wood. The camera forms the initial framing device & sets the page.
 Collaborate results from a workshop using alternative drawing tools and the floor as the page.
 Enacted drawing investigations:  Redrawing the Land  (S.B & J.P), 2016
  Enacted Drawing/Site Response , 11/13/2016
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